Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace is a social media-led group of people promoting the message of peace, and we are taking a stand against any and all forms of hatred and violence.

We are a non-partisan group, and do not discriminate against anyone based on their political or religious affiliation, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, disability or background. We now seek to bring people together in a peaceful march to show solidarity for those who have faced any form of hatred and/or violence.

October 2 is known as the International Day of Non-violence after the civil rights and freedom leader Mahatma Gandhi, and to commemorate this day, we propose a nationwide march on Saturday, October 14, 2017.

We hope this message reaches the people of the United States, and that as many as possible find the time in their day to take part in a peaceful march in their community or city.

Our focus is to find organizations/groups who are willing to assist in organizing these marches. We strive to give people and groups who have been the focus of hatred, such as people of color, LGBTQ+, Muslims, women and many more, a platform to stand on so their voices can be heard. We welcome any and all groups who are fighting for people’s rights as well as those who have a peaceful message.

Our intention is to have a day of love and compassion, and we wholeheartedly condemn any and all forms of hatred and violence that may occur on this day.

Our mission statement is as following: “In Solidarity for Peace”

Our vision is “A Peaceful America Without Hate and Violence”

Are you physically unable to attend the Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace due to #Illness or #Disability? #MarchingWithMe allows individuals living with Disability & Illness with Boots-on-the-Ground Advocates. Sign up to be Represented at the Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace at:

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